About Us

Fethiye Home is the Estate Agency operating for Elitas Design and Construction (AKA Elitas). The company has been building both for local Turkish residences and non-Turkish citizens since 1992. Elitas has completed and handed over 2 hotels, 3 shopping malls, and over 150 villas and apartments. Elitas has 2 offices, one in Fethiye Centre by Ziraat Bank and the other one is in Hisaronu town centre.
Having accomplished over 200 properties at prime locations in Fethiye and its nearby regions, Elitas has become a leading builder in its region.We believe that by  taking on board the views and suggestions of our customers, we are raising the standard of expectation across our market and helping to establish a lasting legacy in ensuring quality of design and craftsmanship. As a result we have a great deal of customer satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations.

Elitas is very much customer-care orientated, respecting both human factors and our impact on nature in the construction process. This enables us to improve our services and reach the high standards we set ourselves. Therefore while construction is ongoing we aim to maintain the natural surrounding beauty and integrate any new property into its environment. The exclusivity that we are offering is allowing the homebuyer to determine their individual function and design requirements, ensuring a truly bespoke property.
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